Is this Voodoo or What?

Is this voodoo or what?  Do you recall my earlier blog, “Sledgehammer to the Chest” when the doctor told me I would need hip replacements.  Well immediately my hips started aching, even though prior to the doctor visit the right hip only bothered me in a couple of positions and the pain had not limited any of my activities.

I have slowly researched many options with the help of many of my health professional colleagues and came to believe I would benefit from hip arthroplasty and labral anchoring.  I limited my activities with the thought of reducing wear and tear.  I found a doctor with a reputation for doing many of these procedures with excellent outcomes to preserve the joints.  Finally I went to visit the surgeon with a good friend in tow for support.  I came with my MRI, x-rays, and a list of 15 questions.  I even recorded the session.   This surgeon was so confident in his ability to help me, he was confident that my 4 mm of cartilage combine with this procedure would lead to an excellent result. . .  I left the appointment with my heart singing.  I shared breakfast with my friend and we both rejoiced to have such a skilled person in the world.

What is amazing is my hips have stopped hurting . . . nearly 100%.  I just have a little discomfort in a couple of positions.  I no longer need ice or ibuprofen to control inflammation or swelling.  I am doing all my PT exercises and yoga without difficulty.  How can this be?

Despite my strong belief in science and physical evidence, I believe I need to inform my health care providers that they must always speak positively to me . . . as I become what they believe.  Have you ever experienced anything like this?