The Rollercoaster of Chronic Conditions

July 11, 2016

Ahhhh!  Today I am hopeful, no pain, beautiful sunshine, I am moving through the day on cloud nine.  But, two days ago, that just wasn’t the case.  Seemingly, out of nowhere, my right hip felt incredibly unstable, inflamed and painful.  I thought about what I had eaten, what activity I had done or not done, and although my brain is always looking for the cause effect relationship sometimes the interrelatedness of so many things makes it difficult for my mind to craft a plan to improve the moment and regain as sense of control and hope that I can make this better.  Recently introduced to and loved using his pharse, “in what ways might I fall in love with this exact moment” and his 12 second transformation.  Both very helpful practices in the “now”, which is where all my power is.

May you be Happy and Free

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